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By Brand has the most competitive prices for Magazines and Clips by KWA Crosman and Evanix, Air Guns by Crosman Gamo Hatsan and ASG, batteries, cartridges, pellets by Haendler & Natermann JSB and Air Venturi, scopes by UTG BKL and Hawke Sport Optics, targets by Birchwood Casey crosman champion Kruger, and much more!

Sensible Airsoft Gun Shopping

Let's be honest! Many things can happen during a match of air-soft. Your current gun could get jammed within the most important section of the game. You can even exhaust spare magazines without the the time to fill up th... Read More

Airgun Guru: what happens to a pellet in flight?

!--PSTYLE=SF Web Summary--pA reader is noticing that the pellet strike is changing depending on the distance, but isn’t sure what is happening/p...

Gary Wain investigates: ballistic properties of .177 pellets

!--PSTYLE=WT Webtext--pGary continues his series on pellets, with some fascinating experiments/p...

Hunting journal: Russel Webb goes on farmyard vermin patrol in Dorset

!--PSTYLE=WT Webtext--pBack on his Dorset permission, Russel Webb is out and about with his BSA Scorpion/Hawke Airmax combo/p...

Are you underestimating the importance of your scope mount?

!--PSTYLE=WT Webtext--pIf you think mounts are nothing more than a simple lump of metal and you can get away with a cheap one, then you are misunderstanding these vital parts of our sport/p...

Why it is important to know how different shooting positions affect accuracy

!--PSTYLE=WT Webtext--pCharlie Portlock gets comfortable in the field/p...

How to set up scopes and scope mounts to get the best accuracy

!--PSTYLE=WT Webtext--pGary Chillingworth brings us some vital information for accuracy/p...

Tips on how to test you have the right pellet for your airgun

!--PSTYLE=WT Webtext--pFinding the right pellet is crucial - and there are short cuts, as Jim explains/p...