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Barry Hearn: Your hunting questions answered

Barry Hearn is a great believer in sharing what he’s learned over the years, and here are the answers to some of the many questions sent in by our readers ...

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Is it OK to rest a springer?

In association with Streamlight, our Airgun Guru answers our readers’ questions... ...

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Tips and tricks for successful pigeon shooting

Eddie Jones covers some of the ways he goes about shooting pigeons - hoping that’ll help you get a couple more shots at them! ...

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Hunting advice from Barry Hearn: Handling a change to a permission

Nothing stays the same…but what really matters, is how you deal with the changes – says Barry Hearn ...

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Is it time to downsize your scope?

Phill Price applauds a recent trend in scope size reduction ...

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Hunting: When is the best time to take a shot...or not?

A reader asks “do you always go for head shots, or is a body shot ‘on’ in certain circumstances” ...

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The Airgunner editor visits...Bicester Target

This month Dave Barham pops in for a quick visit to one of the UK’s most comprehensive FT/HFT gun stockists ...

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