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Hunting: When is the best time to take a shot...or not?

A reader asks “do you always go for head shots, or is a body shot ‘on’ in certain circumstances”...

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The Airgunner editor visits...Bicester Target

This month Dave Barham pops in for a quick visit to one of the UK’s most comprehensive FT/HFT gun stockists...

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Top tips for close-up shots while hunting

Phill Price asks if we really know how to cope with a close-up shot...

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What to expect from Dai Leisure's new indoor range

Dave Barham attends the grand opening of a new indoor range above one of the UK’s best-stocked airgun shops...

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Q&A with Barry Hearn, hide-hunting shooting master

The editor picks the brain of hide-hunting master, Barry Hearn...

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The law on legal-carry knives

Phill Price shares his thoughts on legal-carry knives...

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A guide to HFT shooting (and some tricks of the trade)

Gary Chillingworth let’s us in on some tips of the trade, which will hopefully make you a better shooter...

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