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Webley patriot

Were the above only ever done as an FAC rifle, as these seem to be the only ones i see for sale, & if youve owned one are they any good compared to say a 95 Rob...

Could a 10M Air Rifle be Used for 25M Shooting?

Evening all, Just wondered but Im sure I may be asking a stupid question. Could a rifle that is a 10M target rifle be used for 25M shoting I eventually want to get a 10m air rifle with diopter sights for doing the monthly ...

Good news FREE : Baby Boa Constrictor Strap Wrench

Up for grabs is a Baby Boa Constrictor strap wrench ... ideal for stubborn cylinders and mods etc : Attachment 173515 ( First to say they want it by PM or...

Bugger, lost my bluing gel

Went to do a little touch up on a barrel, but only to find I have lost my little tub of bluing gel. Could someone please recommend one I have no idea what make mine was, as it was just a little bit someone had given me a year or ...

sportswaffen scheinder

ordered some breech shims,and a few small bits for a couple of other guns from sws on monday, package around the size of a small book.arrived today.v.good takes longer to send a parcel 10 miles in the uk!.:)...

Extra Pump Filtration

Hi all. Every now and then I top up my rifles using a Hatsan stirrup pump. Its very well built and has intake filtration built into the handle. This comprises of silicon beads some filter paper and sintered metal filters. ...

Rat works tuning?

Hi I had a ultra se tuned by Phil at rat works a couple of years a go and he did a great job of it. Dont seem to hear much about him on here is he still tuning rifles...