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Sling fitting options

I was wondering if there are any other options out there if you want to fit a sling without damaging or drilling your wooden stock I am specifically thinking about a TX200 here. Any thoughts...

A new gun, 2 targets, 20 shots and a smug grin!

Well if any of you have read any of my posts before you may well know that I get very little time for shooting, normally trying to squeeze half an hour in on a Sunday afternoon after work. I mostly shoot paper targets and have ...

RM8 field test

I missed the oct edition of airgun world(got sept+nov) which i believe contained a field test of the rm8. anyone able to scan that article for my perusal thanks,...

anyone know what this is

mate has this scope the reticle has just one horizontal line tried looking on Google but nothing Attachment 168396 ( 168397 (

UK diver escapes mishap & shark threat A typical Australian humorous remark made me chuckle: I guess where theres a shark besides you spurring you on... its like a trainer....

CO2 powered Feinwerkbau rifle ...............

.................. can it be converted to HPA Please can someone help out a guy at my c/f club He lent it to his granddaughter some years ago but now wants to use it to keep his eye in at home (BTW he is a damn good shot) He...

Question What Did You Lot Get Up To This Weekend, (Shooting-wise)?

I spent Sunday afternoon hunting - to clarify, I mooched about the farm, 99s in hand, for a couple of hours or so without a single opportunity presenting itself. Returned to base and swapped said 99s for the Williams+TruGlo-equip...