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springer old gun

ive dug out my old springer 22 rifle does any one no if these are any good the make is (westlake) made in china the made in china bit tells me its cheep and nasty but you never no its a bit rusty on the barrel but fires ok its a brake barrel :up:...

Advice Cleaning and Servicing Air Arms TX200

I have been given a very good condition Air Arms TX200. This is my first air rifle. My last air gun was a pneumatic pump pistol in the late 80s (Crossman 1377 American Classic, I think)! It was bought for my grandfather by my father in order for him to control the squirrel population in his......

bsa r10 se problem

hi all just went to fill my r10 up and the quick fill is leaking air and not filling up any ideas or is it back to the shop for her...

Rechargeable gun light

As the title suggests I am looking for a rechargeable gun light. I currently have a clip on 5w Cree torch bought from Aldi a while ago. Now I am shooting more at night its getting expensive buying AAA batteries for it. So far the rechargeable AAA batteries I have bought dont seem to last......

UTG 30mm SWAT 3-12 x 44 Compact IE AO Mil-Dot any good???

Hi I have seen these on Amazon are they any good Im after a decent clear scope 3x12 with side focus budget is 200 any thoughts...

This is the start...

...of a beautiful relationship! I recently aquired an as new Walnut Prosport in .177 from my lovely local RFD. A good deal against my old 77 which I just wasnt using enough. Anyhooo ...I had the day off yesterday the wind had dropped so I slid down the club. I stuck an old favourite......

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