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Question As nice as Rowan's adjustable HW butt plate?

Looking for a butt plate for my HW97K (blue laminate) and wanted a Rowan one. Only a Rowan one isnt likely to fit (Ive printed the templates, offered them up, and the fit will be poor - and have confirmed this with Rowan).. Anyone know of alternatives (that look as nice, or nicer, up to......

Back to proper lumps of lead

My .22 was off being fettled for ages so I only had the HW.177 to play with for a few weeks. Then my new girl turned up so again shooting .177 Many, many tins of pellets have been smashed. Went to have a play with the bullpup yesterday evening and found I had four pellets left. Had to go to......

Butt spacer for my HW30

Love my 30, but in truth its a little short in the stock length. Anyone on here make spacers to add a bit of length ...

New player in town...

Attachment 171057 ( Attachment 171060 ( Seems I have a new player in town gents, had a wee play at work today and chucked a few lumps of lead down range,......

Break Barrel

I often read that a Break Barrel isnt as accurate as an Underlever, due to the Underlever having a fixed barrel Maybe this was true a few years ago, but I dont think thats the case now, whats the general feeling on this.. Thanks in Advance Ray...

free walther lgu

booklet. just having a tidy out.found a new walther lgu handbook. if you have a secondhand lgu and no handbook,say yes please and pm yr address. shaun....

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