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Brocock Compatto problem

Slow leak on Brocock compatto. Sent back to Brocock factory, they replied it didnt leak! Guess what flippin well does but you dont want to admit theres a problem. Poor after sales service! My eternal thanks to the stars at Sandwell Field Sports who fixed the problem quicker......

hw80 stock, repair or replace

Hi Guys hoping you can help me out again. I acquired this hw80k stock today but it is cracked from the trigger cut out just past the chequering on the pistol grip. There is two screws that appear to do nothing plus a hole in the butt where a sling swivel was. Is this repairable and if so how do i......

opening a can of worms but oh well "what is considered to be the most accurate pcp in the uk"

as above which rifle seams to be the most consistent accurate pcp under 12flb in the uk...

Suffolk Academy?

Apparently East Anglias Premiere Air Rifle And Pistol Club No club details on the site (that I can find) Anyone know owt about them I have sent an enquiry email

Gun comparisons

Hi there folks just a thought reading through the general posts i think we should produce some type of database with the favourite rifles on with all the problems for each Vs all the likes, good points v bad points, I am sure it would save a lot of server time and repeated questions. Just a Monday......

CV Stock Refinish

My mate Bob had a poorly finished Maccari HW80 stock he wanted sorting out. It had pockets of undried Danish oil giving an uneven finish, there were marks in it and dips where it had been over vigorously been sanded which the oil was sitting in. The butt pad hadnt been finished and didnt......

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