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Air Arms Christmas Video..

Weird , even a sinister scenario Two families toting rifles walking through a wood and having what looked like a face off.. Thats just what the sport needs.. Or am I being overly defensive and should chill out a bit..

Advice Write to Nick Hurd direct ?

Couple of people on the forum have said to me don?t only email your letter regarding the government airgun review, print off your email and post it to Nick Hurd at the Home Office or your MP. Thinking about it what a great idea, imagine him getting loads of letters each day, and I am told they have......

Rifle Slip Help

Hi everyone Im looking for a slip type bag for my rifle its the super carbine (BSA R-10 se with Nikko Stirling 4-12 x 50) Ive found the BSA bags but they are black and I would prefer green or even camo. Can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier who keeps a short slip Not fussed......

Open sights for pcp's or springers without mounting holes?

I recently joined an online pistol club and then found that amongst the many competitions they run that there are a couple of sections for rifles. One of these is for precision rifles shooting over 10m using open sights. It was then that I realised I no longer have any rifles with any features......

Lightwood Airgun Range:

Developing nicely: Come have a look, test your skills: Find us on Facebook....

Air Arms production cycle

Tony Belas told us Daystate run on a three year production cycle. Meaning they try to produce a new model or newer version of an existing model every three years. Curious to know what AA development/production cycle is as there hasnt been much in the way of new models these past years apart from......

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