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So I picked up my first air rifle today. Lovely gun for a beginner. The scope on there is piss poor so Im changing it. I have eyed up a couple that I like the look of. Have any of you used any of these scopes or have any experience with any of them. Would love some feedback before deciding. Here......

FT Competition

Hope this isnt against forum rules, but im thinking of organising an FT competition for end of Jan if enough interest: :)...

Question Cometa Fenix 400

Anyone have any experience with this model in 177 Plenty of power but finding a compatible pellet has proved difficult. Presently Powapel is the only one out of 12 types that produces anything like a decent group at 30 yds. Any sensible suggestions Sell it and buy something German is not an......

1/2" unf adaptor FX Wildcat

Does anyone know if anywhere in the UK sells a metal adaptor for the wildcat I got one from airfective which fits, but is made of plastic, and I didnt tighten it up fully, as it isnt knurled, and so I dont think Id get it off again. I have a hugget and a belita for it already, but want to be......

pellet weight for fac .22

what sort of pellet weight would be ok for a 16fpe spring rifle .22. dont want go too light damage gun , but i know springers like lighter pellets...

Got first pcp tody , but saw something interesting when I was in there , a 77 silver sierra

So today I got my first pcp but thats a different story so I was in Kirklees guns great service great prices and I was saying that I have a 80k walnut tyrolean and im looking for a 77 to go with her not a k , a proper 77 so they say they have a do,er up,er and they it appears in front......

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