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Webley patriot

Were the above only ever done as an FAC rifle, as these seem to be the only ones i see for sale, & if youve owned one are they any good compared to say a 95 Rob...

Could a 10M Air Rifle be Used for 25M Shooting?

Evening all, Just wondered but Im sure I may be asking a stupid question. Could a rifle that is a 10M target rifle be used for 25M shoting I eventually want to get a 10m air rifle with diopter sights for doing the monthly 10m standing comp at he club but also would like to use the......

Good news FREE : Baby Boa Constrictor Strap Wrench

Up for grabs is a Baby Boa Constrictor strap wrench ... ideal for stubborn cylinders and mods etc : Attachment 173515 ( First to say they want it by PM or replying to the thread gets it ... will post out as soon as I can....

Bugger, lost my bluing gel

Went to do a little touch up on a barrel, but only to find I have lost my little tub of bluing gel. Could someone please recommend one I have no idea what make mine was, as it was just a little bit someone had given me a year or two ago....

sportswaffen scheinder

ordered some breech shims,and a few small bits for a couple of other guns from sws on monday, package around the size of a small book.arrived today.v.good takes longer to send a parcel 10 miles in the uk!.:)...

Extra Pump Filtration

Hi all. Every now and then I top up my rifles using a Hatsan stirrup pump. Its very well built and has intake filtration built into the handle. This comprises of silicon beads some filter paper and sintered metal filters. But I feel hand pump manufacturers are missing the point, I think......

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