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Advice Sabre gun bag review

Hi all, Thought I would share my experience and findings of the Sabre gun bag/slip call it what you will, Firstly the price, 19.95 !! cheap yes but I am really impressed with the quality, my main concern with all bags is the protection the do or dont offer and these Sabre bags seem to tick all......

A big thanks to terry101

Just a quick Thank-you to Terry1001. Asked him to sort out my little red hunting torch.Not only did he do that,he also made the red torch into three modes,and even more,made me up a green pill also. just been messing in the garden,and to say im a happy bunny is an understatement :up: All......

Dovetail to weaver

Can anyone recommend me a decent dovetail to weaver mount Im after one for my r10 so as to make easy switching between day and night scope. id like to keep it as low as poss so if anyone has done similar any advice great fully received, im shortly going to be getting a photon xt probably the 6.5 x......

Pellet testing on my LGU

Evening all, Ive had my LGU .177 around 4 weeks and have put 750 pellets mainly AA Diabolos Field and Exacts 4.1. I recently tested some pellets courtesy of Richard Scar. Please have a look at my results and let know what you think, do you think I should try the tests again after another......


how can the barrels of the same make of gun be so different made in the same place from the same machines and yet perform so differently when it comes to pellets...

Advice Returning to the sport after 15 years

Hello all! As a teenager I had (or rather my dad had...!) a Weihrauch HW30 which I used for target shooting in my back garden. I also did some shooting on my schools .22 range and was in the Army Cadets, having some range days. Im hopefully moving house in the next few months to......