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Question How to attach torch light to BKL mounts

HI, I just wonder how I can put the torch light on top of the scope using BKL mounts. Thanks in advance. :rolleyes:...

Question Single shot tray hatsan galatian

Hi, Do you know where can i buy a single shot tray for a hatsan galatian Thanks in advance....

best night Vision on a budget

Im after some night vision as I do a lot off shooting when dark what is the cheapest but good kit to buy...

Question What barrel brand leaves these rifling pattern?

Hi people! HC replaced the barrel off my HW100 .22 and wondering from what brand it is. Just curious. The barrels serial is printed in yellow/gold and not punched in, like the original. The numbering is different from the one on the action. I uploaded a photo of the rifling marks on some......

HW98 out the box?

Looking for a new springer in the coming weeks and the 98 is currently top of ny list. Im not much of a tinker so want to avoid the g word of the 99 and not required but might as well be essential tuning of the 97. Is the 98 generally good to go or does it require a fettle to get it up to......

How many 77's do we need?

Well another 77 has graced my familys estate this evening, thats three now that my dad & I now own. This (according to the HW database) is from around 1990, a full length in .177, serial no starting 119****, hasnt been used a hell of a lot but itll get a strip down & relube at least, the......

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