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Sale/postage/up to date advice pls.

Hello would anyone on here have up to date advice on posting a Air gun, I?ve got two potential buyers living miles away, (usually only do Cash/collection). Advice needed on who to use,what the process, prices of postage if known and any scams to be wary off, PayPal account or bank transfer, Thanks......

Break barrel concerns

Hello everyone, At the moment I am looking at a Diana break barrel which has their new n-tec gas ram. I am more used to shooting underlevers, but after watching a few reviews on YouTube it seems to be a fairly decent rifle. What do you think of the new/newer break barrel rifles They all seem to......

Advice Kunos scopes, any good? and asking price advice.

Thinking of selling my MTC Viper connect 3 x 12 x 32 as I find it a bit on the heavy side for me. Looking online at the Kunos scopes, never seen one myself, any views. Also what would I get for my MTC do you think, boxed and completely as new, cost me 279 + 35 for the special mount....

Good news Crosman 2250b Magazine UPDATE

Hi guys, Thank you for all the great feedback on my last post regarding the magazine I am working on for the 2240/50/60. This past week, I have been working on the magazine further and have made a three pellet, low profile version that should work with almost all scope set ups. This unit......

Question What air rifle is this?

Hello all, Any ideas what this might be Its for sale local to me but the seller doesnt know! Thanks in advance....

Anyone use Vortex scopes ?

I have two, a Viper and a Diamondback, for the money, I think the bloody great. Many on here have one what do you think ...

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