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Question Anschutz Target Rifle Accessories : Identification & Valuation Please !

I have been given a number of Anschutz target rifle accessories that I have no use for and know next to nothing about and was wondering if the good people of the AGF could provide further information and possible valuations as I w...

Good news A bit more progress with my 97..

Some of you may or may not remember that I bought a 97k a few weeks ago. Well its been around the block a little and the end is finally in sight. The gun went to the blackers over a week ago and I got the parts back the other...

Advice Light or Heavy?

Can anyone say how well the JSB Exact Diablo in .177 (8.44gr) performs compared to the JSB Exact Heavy (10.34gr) in the Lothar/Walther barrel of a Brocock Compatto Indeed, are either preferable to the AADFs that I am using at pre...

Hw 95 honking sound

Hi just serviced a hw 95 new piston seal etc a light coat of moly on the piston seal if you cock it very slowly theres a tiny honking sound at start of cocking didnt want to over lube seal and start dieseling is it just the new s...

Spring replacement on Huntsman Classic

Hi everyone, I have just purchased a new hammer spring for my Huntsman classic and after watching a couple of Videos on You Tube thought would be easy enough job. However i have come across a problem where om the side of the ...

Tool to remove end caps of HW100 cylinder

One end will need a 36mm 6 point socket and the other will need tool like this.... just wondering why is a 7.98mm shelf and why not 8mm whole length also what would the length of the two sections be ...

Advice Air Arms Sidelever question

Hi all, Ive just bought the above rifle, with multi shot capability. The problem I am having is the clip that holds the the pellet tube in position just before the barrel is brocken. I am wondering if anyone has any idea where I ...