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Good news Air cylinder filling ~ North London

These chaps offer a great service, with reasonable prices. (a full 300 bar fill, no messing) :up: They also have new stumpy type 3L bottle for hire, (if your one is away being tested), plus a selection of filling accessories. Attachment 166878......

Just got a voucher code

Hi all, its not remotely Xmas but Im feeling generous lol I just got a voucher code sent to me by Pellpax because I didnt complete my order. I got an email offering my 10% off if I go back before Sept 30th - if anyone else is interested! Its SEP10 and I guess you put it in at the end......

Plastic rod

Wotcha AFers, Many threads talk about using a length of rod to push various things through barrels - did you just order a length of 4mm nylon rod off the web Its not expensive, but I wondered if there was a freebie source / hack to obtaining a piece of suitable plastic rod Ta Raggie...

Bad news charlies nicked my nikey

well ive finally been had by charlie, ive had a little fox coming in n about my garden for a while now as i have many for years prior. however this one seems to be putting his slippers on and having a brew on his visits often stopping to sun himself in my garden but today hes taken the royal......

Valuation if possible

Just after a rough idea of the value of a brum webley patriot in .22 mint condition and never been on a ticket ..... obviously no spring fitted at the mo Its a friend selling and wondering what to offer...

What wood would it be...

Evening all. So... a mate of mine said I could have an old gun that he had picked up on a job he was working at. It had leant against a barn for donkeys and in a sorry state. Hed cleaned it and serviced it and got it shooting sweet again, but the stock needed some serious TLC. Would I fancy it to......

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