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Good news Crosman 2250b Magazine UPDATE

Hi guys, Thank you for all the great feedback on my last post regarding the magazine I am working on for the 2240/50/60. This past week, I have been working on the magazine further and have made a three pellet, low profile version that should work with almost all scope set ups. This unit......

Question What air rifle is this?

Hello all, Any ideas what this might be Its for sale local to me but the seller doesnt know! Thanks in advance....

Anyone use Vortex scopes ?

I have two, a Viper and a Diamondback, for the money, I think the bloody great. Many on here have one what do you think ...

R10 - Overfill

So, havent used my R10 SE for a month or so (too busy with the children). Had time to go to the local range last Saturday but knew my tank needed a fill, so went to the local dive shop who kindly obliged for the slightly over priced 8 for 7ltr (but hey, theyre close, quick and air gunner......

RM8 varmint

Seen some negatives about notchy bolt etc but Im about to buy a .177 version, a lot of vids on YouTube saying how accurate they are, but the price is so cheap Im struggling to believe the reviews, any have one that can back up the accuracy side of them, Im used to a hw100 does the accuracy......

Rifle bag/case for Brocock Compatto Target

I have been looking for a soft case with a sling that I can carry on my shoulder. I thought the Buffalo River carrypro competititor would fit the bill. I emailed Ramsbottoms who sell the case and they say it is not deep enough to take the Compatto with Airmax 4-16-50 scope. Does anyone have any......

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