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Breech flag for TX200

Not a problem for those who hunt with a TX but on a range when required to make safe your rifle the use of a cable tie or similar soft flag is no good as the breech chops them up as it closes. What suggestions do members have for not only making a TX safe but meeting range rules for it being......

Brocock compatto .22

Just picked up a new compatto in .22 put a weihrauch silencer on really quiet had 2tins of aa diablos 16 grains 5.5 zeroed it in at 35 yds grouping not to bad anybody any advice on what pellet these barrels like 👌...

JSB PREMIER Exact V JSB Exact v JSB Exact RS

Missed my club morning as took little ray of sunshine to Uni, do they ever appreciate the sacrifices we make. Now that calm has descended on the home, time to get a fix, so just tried a pellet test to sort out which to use out of three JSB pellets. 5 shots on each pen mark that can just be seen, no......

Technical I've Just had it off!!!! - noo you filthy sods, the HW100 barrel.

After last nights chat with Big Al regarding the problems Im having with the HW100, he advised me to take the barrel off and do a pellet test to see how choked the gun is and what shape the pellet were after pushing them through the barrel. Now Im no expert at this and this is infact the first......

Question Air Arms S510 problem

Hi guys, recently i dismantled my air gun for the first time to clean it and lubricate properly. I had no problems and put everything back as it was. The problem is - the magazine stopped rotating... I uploaded a video where you can see the indexing port works properly. Any advices......

Bipod for Walther RM8

again some advice pl (especially if you have an RM8 with bipod) There is no fixing point for a bipod. The barrel is approx 14mm but the bottle protrudes and does not allow a fixing to barrel. There is a 24mm shroud over/further along the barrel. Most/all bipods seem to fit from 11-19mm ! Would......

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