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HW100 pics

Just a quick update on the dremmel/winerack 100 stock.....had a fettle with the adjustable pad to fit the stock and also knocked up a brass spacer from some 3mm brass plate that was knocking about, plus side I found to the brass bling was it seemed to balance out the rifle better. Anyways a couple......

Sold a PCP privately and after-sales?

I recently (about a week ago) sold a PCP rifle to a buyer (private sale). As far as I was concerned there were no issues with the gun. Anyway, just got a phone call from the buyer asking if I knew why it was losing power - he wasnt being funny or asking for his money back or being rude or......

new sabre scope

hi i have just received a sabre scope 2 7 32. bought really because of the chat on this forum about them. this is the 4th scope in a few weeks bought from ramsbottom 3 x bsa and one sabre. i am very impressed with the build of the scope very positive clicks that you can very easily hear and feel.......

HW99 vs HW95 (yes, really!)

Ive just been going through some springers with Mrs Bum to find one she wants for range use. We went through the Diana 31 and a couple of more non-typical guns before moving on to the Hws. She shouldered and cocked the 99 followed by the 95. She found the 95 easier to cock, but then confused me......

R10 pellet options

Im hoping to do some pellet testing tomorrow so wanted some suggestions on which ones to try. Im currently using some JSB Exact 4.53s, theyre ok but think I could find some that are more consistent. So anyone have any suggestions...

PCP Vs springer

So, pros and cons of both....