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Wighill Park Guns

I thought Id share what up to now has been a great experience with Wighill Park Guns. After a lot of consideration on which PCP to get, I contacted Wighill who had what I wanted. In this case ONLY they had what I wanted. Now Im the other end of the country to Wighill and as such, an RFD......

Goldstar Owners.

BSA Goldstars... Im pondering again guys.. Tenchy regd , hammer forged Brummy barrels , simply stunning Minnelli stocks , not overly long or hefty. Nice up the farm as well as knocking my golfballs around at 70 yards ...yeah Its a Scorpion makeover and BSAs flagship lead launcher. ......

SKAN chrono

does anybody own a skan and just shoot through the diamond without using a cradle. the longer i have this skan the more i am coming around to the thought of doing this. i want the benefit of using it indoors at different places without the hassle of hauling the cradle around and fiddling around so......


hi has anybody read the book Bevis by richard jefferies. i read it at the age of 11 although you can read it at any age and i can honestly say that it shaped me and influenced me into the person i eventually became. you might give it a go. its full of the things we like. pete...

Technical Daystate and fx carbon fibre buddy bottle

Hello all in need of a favour on the dimensions of the daystate and the fx carbon buddy bottle Im wondering if they are the same sizes and do they only fill to 200bar thanks for the info and help Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk...

Crosman 766.

Hi, I have a Crosman 766. It doesnt hold air. I dismantled it and found the valve outer O ring had turned to goo. Replaced the O ring and pump cup. Now has some pumping resistance, but leaks air through the barrel as its pumped. So guess the valve internals are at fault. When it was apart I......