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Which Chrono, R2A , MK3 , or R2 from BAR ?

Im gonna purchase a chrono ,probably from BAR. They have 3 that im interested in . I assume any one would do the job indoors on my narrowboat Any recommendations :)...

Compatto single pellet loading tray

Just to let people know , if you bought rifle recently you can send off to brocock 1 stamped self addressed envelope and your serial number they will send you the single shot tray free of charge :)...

Buying used or new rifles .....

Well I have had my fill off buying used rifles and wont buy used again. All but one of the used rifles I have ever bought has had issues that has taken plenty of time and money to put right.......

Redken pellet power and mash

Heyup boys here we go these will be reassembled tomorrow and in the post Monday / Tuesday couple of pics to tide you over , the finish will settle a little more now it?s in the open air and sit at a nice satin can you all send me your addresses again just to be sure I have all the correct info ......

Stolen Guns

Looking at second hand guns and a question came up. How do you know if a gun is legit i.e not stolen Is there a registry somewhere You could buy a gun and it all looks legit but 6 months down the line you go to trade it in and its been flagged...

What bullpup under 500?

I?ve tried reading the Kral bullpup thread, it?s 23 pages of ****- so for all you bullpup owners what would you recommend for under 500 kral mk 2 460 smk P15 400 smk P10 270 any others I?ve mossed...

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