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Very neat Development / Please join in. (no replies)

You guys realize Ive been concentrating so heavily on Knives, in order to provide that background which allows me Ledger Airgun time. Its not just a matter if choosing where I spend time. br / br / Critical to this game plan, was the development of an entire new e-commerce Website. With this tool, I can have a world market for ALL of my work and products. Thats been accomplished. Now, unless you have pulled that off as a single old guy working in a garage ... then having that at work doesnt c...

The week ..., briefly (no replies)

It may be much like yours. Haha. And, the SHOP time is like VACATION to me. Im working on knives and shop systems. But the rest goes something like ..... br / br / Phone calls ... br / br / Endless phone trees br / br / Phone people. br / br / Internet. br / br / Offices. br / br / Phone caaaallls ..... br / br / Oh .... sold something a while back. PayPal says they transferred it. Bank says they never got it. br / br / Phone. br / br / Phone Trees .... br / br / Money in ether. D...

What a ride .... (2 replies)

While opening the shop this morning, I realized I couldnt see around all the stuff hanging there like intricate wind chimes. I stopped, took a seat, and just watched ..... br / br / The next 45 minutes solved 6-8 mechanical exercises my mind had been working on for some time. br / br / This resulted, in the last 20 minutes of the experience, in a full sheet of card stock, covered in drawings, illustrated notations, and procedural comments. br / br / The segments will have applications in ...

Humor Story (no replies)

Our Twin Grandsons are spending the week. We love it when they do. Theyve been willing to stay with us for longer periods since they were 3! Ha. br / br / Nana shows them a great week. I join in as much as I can. Funny, I have a third grandson who calls me Pop in the Shop. A scramble he put together from various SKYPE Sessions when my absence was explained. Haha. br / br / Well, the Twins and Nana are big with Bug Catchers. We can catch bugs up to about 40 pounds with all the equipment w...

Almost Finished Scott (no replies)

[attachment 8005 IMG_5932.JPG] br / br / Scott liked my Spalted Live Oak AND my Wharncliff Base Camp Knife. br / br / I had various components. Ive made the others. br / br / I hope you will enjoy it. Maybe use it on your travels. br / br / Its about 87.39% here. Hah. br / br / Blessings, br / Gary...

Progress (3 replies)

Working hard on shop set up. br / br / Setting up a small anodizing shop. Moved tons of stuff today. Began assembling shelving and such. Identifying which tubs had my stuff. Lower shop doesnt have AC installed yet, but its sitting there. Various modifications needed. br / br / This shop will be mainly for knife parts and smaller gun stuff. This temporary shop can be expanded to include all the full tanks and water, once the interior compartment walls for the anodizing, bluing, and finishing...