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Sunday Evening Pics! (4 replies)

[attachment 8367 IMG_7988.JPG] New organizational rack of open drawers. [attachment 8368 IMG_7991.JPG] Inside the Model 97 on the Special Listing right now. [attachment 8369 IMG_7994.JPG] Kelly and Her World Famous Stuffed Peppers! [attachment 8370 IMG_7993.JPG] Gary grilling chicken in the Chimaneah on the Studio Patio. [attachment 8371 IMG_7995.JPG] A Mosaic Handle of Electric Abaloni and Mammoth from a special 90s Secret Panel Locking Folder. Enjoy Gary...

My Next Mosaic! (5 replies)

[attachment 8361 IMG_7971.JPG] A shell ready to grind and cut. The beautiful part is under that concrete hard crust! [attachment 8362 IMG_7968.JPG] Ive been cutting Lapis and Pearl ... with a Diamond wet saw. Ill be using Ancient Walrus as well! Keep watching. Gary...

THE SPECIAL I PROMISED (jack-in-box) SOLD SOLD SOLD (bullhorn) (13 replies)

These TWO KNIVES have been overlooked. NOW SOLD SOLD SOLD They are each very fine knives. (bow) The Mdl 97 is the prototype for a modification to the Cam Anvil Bar. Its marked inside as such. Its the first one I designated as a Tradesman model. The Aurora is the first designated as Executive Tweed. Both have versions of Linen Micarta Handles. The 97 has Nickel Liners, the Aurora has Brass. Both have extremely smooth mechanisms. I want to post this so the pics and text appea...

More Pictures (10 replies)

Work in progress; here are Damascus blades (from BPN) ready to be ground. Here are various hand cut Dies. A new Theme Knife. Shown are the milled sides ready for inlays. Also a recent Cuff made for a customer. Enjoy. Gary And 2 more model 97s!...

A Brief Report (5 replies)

In keeping with my promise to never have a week where I can just work; this one is panning out to be a great example of Gary. You recall Ive mentioned how my foot has been a worrisome problem to me for months. Well, Ive now had a couple of Docs show significant concern, state that its badly infected, and give me some dire possibilities. I had a mongo antibiotic syringe jabbed into my cheekstock. Ive been given God Awful strong huge antibiotic capsules to take by the handful as well. Theyll eit...

Sherpa (2 replies)

Gary, This is a beautiful knife! (as expected) The blade and the carving are awesome! Folks, The pictures do not do Garys knives justice. Particularly with the low resolution allowed on the forum. This Damascus blade can only be appreciated in person. Its going to be hard to pass up Garys Damascus blades in the future.......

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