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SOLD SOLD SOLD (bullhorn) Latest SOUTHWEST 97 FOR SALE!!!! (bullhorn) (1 reply)

[attachment 8175 IMG_6858.JPG] This is quite a fine Model 97. Its not assembled here so you can see both sides of individual Art Carving and Mosaic. Its an excellent carry size at 7 OAL open [attachment 8173 IMG_6852.JPG] Its $1,200us plus $25 shipping and Ins. USPS. [attachment 8174 IMG_6853.JPG] Please drop your marker here for a time stamp. If you want to then transfer private details or questions, please use the PM section upper right of each forum page. Im listed there ...

Carving Pics - nearly Complete (3 replies)

What do you think so far [attachment 8170 IMG_6844.JPG] [attachment 8171 IMG_6845.JPG] [attachment 8172 IMG_6843.JPG] Thanks! Gary...

Something I feel strongly about. Thoughts? (1 reply)

[attachment 8169 IMG_6827.JPG] Please take a stroll around the scene. Where are you When are you What is taking place, if anything How long do you think it would take you to get from that broken wagon wheel to the far Mesa, in the era of the carving What time of the day is it Why do you think you can see whats taking place What mood do you find yourself in, when you see that Coyote Ok. Zoom back out. Shake it off. Ha. Your Brain put you in there and answered the ques...

Howling at the Moon! Engraving Progress .... (art) (2 replies)

[attachment 8164 IMG_6813.JPG] Did you Howl at the Moon today I did. Heres my progress! Hope you love it. Its gonna be a fine piece. (You know, when I get back onto airguns, youll still need a knife. Ahhhh.....) Thanks for reading and supporting my family, Gary...

Monday (no replies)

Ive spent the day continuing to carve. Its going well. This is the 97 Southwest Mosaic I showed under build. [attachment 8163 IMG_6809.JPG] There is another much more involved special project under build too. No pics on that yet. I was really excited to get the Sherpa Model Saddle Back complete. Id like to hear feedback on that. I figured that knife would be like a bowl of potato Chips. What do you think [attachment 8162 IMG_6808.JPG] Gary...

Forge in Fire - Poor Man's Version (3 replies)

So been thinking a lot about what it takes to forge steel. I remembered I had an old cast iron pot and spent $11 on black pipe and fittings. Used compressed air as the blower. I need more charcoal and will try again Monday. Maybe make a little more charcoal so I can get the flame burning hotter and have more embers underneath the workpiece. Found a piece of railway line for sale and will pickup tomorrow. Seller called it a poor mans anvil so suits what I am doing just fine. Now if only I...