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CNC? Christmas humor (no replies)

Now long as it stands for Certainly Not Convenient .... then .... Im in!!! (singing) [attachment 8529 IMG_9160.JPG] Lining up where a curved cutter is going to exit an angled billet stock. A few blocks, a straight stick, tape, and a Sharpie .... oh ..... and a True Eye. Haha Gary Machining and listening to Christmas Music on my headphones!...

Goes out tomorrow.... (4 replies)

Barnes Patent Knife. This one in hammered Copper. [attachment 8525 IMG_9127.JPG] [attachment 8526 IMG_9128.JPG] [attachment 8527 IMG_9129.JPG] Gary...

A Shop Post Card .... (no replies)

Ive been fortunate in a number of ways recently. Heres what Ive been up to. 1). Work every day! Im extremely grateful for that. Im a creature of stability. Funny, I hate repetition, yet I like having the ability to process my daily routine. Once I find something I like or something that works ..., Im pleased with repeating that sort of thing. Id rather work than to have my day interrupted. 2). Stamina. Grateful for that. It may be on the genes, or those late nights at my bedside ca...

SOLD (bullhorn) BRADDOCK HEIGHTS Folder. (bullhorn) (8 replies)

[attachment 8518 IMG_9067.JPG] Serial number 171. Completed 1/9/80. A Nice smaller slip joint (pull open and snap closed - like your Grandpas old Case knife.) It had been out in the world. I ended up with it thru some long forgotten trade. It probably had never had a drop of oil. Was a bit gritty. I opened it. Stropped and buffed the cams and spring. Buffed the interior and exterior components and blade. Sharpened it. Its edge was razor sharp but it had a tiny wrinkle/twist near the point...

I'll post that knife around 12-1 pm (no replies)

I had a chance to take pics this am Ill process and make a post Since Id commented this am that Id post later (4:30-5), I wanted to give fair warning. Gary...

Howdy (4 replies)

Guys I just wanted to stop in and say hi . I cant believe this year is winding to a close already. Its been super fast and busy for me . Gary Im glad to see you back on the airguns . As much as we all like your knives we really love your airguns . Im definitely excited to see your latest projects reach the war wagon....

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