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FOR SALE (bullhorn) BRADDOCK HEIGHTS Folder. (bullhorn) (2 replies)

[attachment 8518 IMG_9067.JPG] Serial number 171. Completed 1/9/80. A Nice smaller slip joint (pull open and snap closed - like your Grandpas old Case knife.) It had been out in the world. I ended up with it thru some long forgotten trade. It probably had never had a drop of oil. Was a bit gritty. I opened it. Stropped and buffed the cams and spring. Buffed the interior and exterior components and blade. Sharpened it. Its edge was razor sharp but it had a tiny wrinkle/twist near the point...

I'll post that knife around 12-1 pm (no replies)

I had a chance to take pics this am Ill process and make a post Since Id commented this am that Id post later (4:30-5), I wanted to give fair warning. Gary...

Howdy (4 replies)

Guys I just wanted to stop in and say hi . I cant believe this year is winding to a close already. Its been super fast and busy for me . Gary Im glad to see you back on the airguns . As much as we all like your knives we really love your airguns . Im definitely excited to see your latest projects reach the war wagon....

Finding .... HAWG 62 (4 replies)

[] [] [] [] [] [] Ive found quite a few HAWG 62 material - as requested. Yay!!! If you guys find better pics, or more pics ... please post ... Thanks, Gary...

HAWG LEG 50 ......"2" (5 replies)

The original thread was getting long to load. A point of interest. Stacked components or Side by Side. Everybody loved the original Hoss 45. Everybody. Im honored. That was the first Side by side I had seen. And its not really a true Side by side. Its an asymmetrical triangle. You dont just have the reservoir and spring/hammer/trigger stacked with the barrel hanging over there. The Hoss is A LOT of work. A LOT of machining. MORE components. More COMPLEX components. That all adds up to...

Happy Birthday, Gary!!! (festive) (17 replies)

Gary I wasnt sure which of these smilies to use: (hourglass) time passing.... (dig it) keep digging that hole.... (angry no sign) take the day off work.... (knucklehead) quit trying to force a square peg into a round hole.... (triage) stay away from hospitals.... (death) and I know the grim reaper isnt ready yet! So let me just say, Have a sunny day! (sun) And enjoy it with Kelly. Happy Birthday young man!...

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