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A Brief Report (3 replies)

In keeping with my promise to never have a week where I can just work; this one is panning out to be a great example of Gary. You recall Ive mentioned how my foot has been a worrisome problem to me for months. Well, Ive now had a couple of Docs show significant concern, state that its badly infected, and give me some dire possibilities. I had a mongo antibiotic syringe jabbed into my cheekstock. Ive been given God Awful strong huge antibiotic capsules to take by the handful as well. Theyll eit...

Sherpa (1 reply)

Gary, This is a beautiful knife! (as expected) The blade and the carving are awesome! Folks, The pictures do not do Garys knives justice. Particularly with the low resolution allowed on the forum. This Damascus blade can only be appreciated in person. Its going to be hard to pass up Garys Damascus blades in the future.......

Boy Scout Barnes display (6 replies)

Gary I had to start another post for this knife . It deserved it . Almost 40 years ago you made THIS !! It really deserves a professional photo shoot but heres my pics . Each picture is a different view . The first starting with a drawing from Garys head . Next pics are the slide out inserts hidden inside the knife which are all Damascus and decorated with abalone. The rest of the pictures kinda speak for themselves with extensive file work & different lock back blades opened. There...

3D Printer Handle - Printer Progress (13 replies)

Hello, A few years ago I found a CAD (computer aided design) of a Steyr rifle. Saved the model for future use. I like the hand grip. I thought maybe it would be a great fit for my 308 build. I printed the hand grip as is to feel it in my hand. It felt really good so I will make a few changes to fit my design. Perhaps also make a forearm stock as well that will be 3D printed. [attachment 8324 F6068FD9-65E3-4B99-99CB-41F061EE4BFE.jpeg] Tonight I got back to working on a 3D printer. Inste...

A BUNCH of Pictures! (18 replies)

Interesting pics Ive come across recently. Hope they start a conversation. Weve been busy in the shop. Had Drs. appt. Treating my eyes. Back and feet have been a real challenge lately. Lot of pain. But, plz enjoy some pics and ask questions. Thanks for checking on me, here in the shops. [attachment 8307 IMG_7727.JPG] Tis the Season to get ready for The Season. We have added some new choices to our products. Please keep us in mind when you want a unique gift for any occasion. Often th...

SOLD SOLD SOLD ...,, DON'T MISS THIS: "CORAL EAGLES 97"!!! (bullhorn). FOR SALE NOW!!! (bullhorn) (13 replies)

This knife is extremely nice. Thats a base handle material of Natural Ebony that I bought about 1975. The hand inlaid Mosaic is Coral and Turquoise. The Coral and Turquoise are deeply inlaid. They are about the thickness of a Nickel. Its glassy smooth the touch. With a beautiful, polished stone, Satin finish. Stainless Tool Steel Blade. Strong and light weight machined Aluminum Alloy frame. Hardened tool steel locking components. $850us. Drop your marker here. $25 for ship./insurance ...

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