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Brief note (8 replies)

Both Kelly and I are sick asdogs...

Vest Pocket Production Line (1 reply)

[attachment 8634 IMG_9836.JPG] Im working very hard on a group of Vest Pocket Knives. A number of you have expressed interest in these. They are not for a closed group, so if you like them, please speak up. I need to keep things rolling along. Ive lost efficiency with my leg/nerve/back/Holiday factors. You know that Ive tried, for years, to re establish some standard product that can help carry the load while I get back to Airguns and Ledger obligations [attachment 8636 IMG_9837.JPG] Y...

Projects, Summary, Important facts (1 reply)

Lets start with yesterdays surgical procedure. That was way overdue. Partly complications. Partly my just working on thru Christmas. Trying to make a few bucks. But, I was in bad shape. It will take a bit to bounce back well. But, Ill work thru that time. Ive been working all day. Listen, theres an important matter for my family. You may or may not recall that Kelly and I combined two families. Kelly had three children. I had two. Our Children are in their late 30s to early 40s. Her Childre...

I was VERY good .... (9 replies)

Still on the road. Had my Epidural Back injection today. And I was VERRRRY GOOD. SO I GOT A TREAT!!! [attachment 8632 IMG_9825.JPG] Boy .... I KNEW IT when the steroid hit that inflamed nerve canal. Ohhhhhhh BOY!!! Cant wait for more productive shop days! Ok. The rest of the trip awaits! Gary and Kelly...

What it is (9 replies)

Well its that time of year in Michigan when people all over are using this type of tool . Ive made quite a few in the past but this one has teeth! I did weld some nickel rod over the end before grinding and hardening the teeth . This is only the business end of the tool . Any guesses...

Update. Notes. Requests for Terminology (14 replies)

Hi Readers. Some notes to pass along. Some terminology requested to farther individual research. I get back injections in a few days. Cant be soon enough. What word is on the other side of torment Agony Which comes first If youve never had this level of pain, say a grateful prayer. Im truely sorry that pain is such a large part of subject matter on my forum. But, thats because its such a large part of my life. I have a topic that I think would be more fascinating if it were on TV...

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