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Thanksgiving (no replies)

Im very grateful that we will have family visiting for several days. One family is our Granddaughter, her Husband, and our soon to join us Great Granddaughter, Kairi. Imagine. GREAT Granddaughter. And, as the old Man of the family, I am very grateful that we wont have to serve them Squirrel. Thank you to those who have graciously supported my work this year. I sincerely appreciate it. Kelly has had me on clean and trim detail. Im going to enjoy sitting down to some pumpkin pie. Ill...

What do you think of these ....??? (3 replies)

Barnes Knives from the mid 80s Titanium and Stainless Gary...

Quick change tooling, broken tap... (3 replies)

I started a project last summer to make my own quick change Lathe post. I never did get back to it as do many other things came up. Summers are rather busy and winter is cold up here. The plan was to heat my garage as it is insulated but the garage door is old, bent and seals are poor. Would be a waste of energy to heat. I decided on replacing the garage door. I went with the “works”, new door, rails, spring and opener. The R value I believe was 18, a well insulating door. The 220volt heater...

Most Recent 97 - Complete Pics (3 replies)

Thanks for reading. Always appreciate your comments and discussion. [attachment 8452 IMG_8538.JPG] [attachment 8453 IMG_8539.JPG] Gary...

Looks Pretty Good to Me .... :D (11 replies)

Not too bad for an old guy [attachment 8444 IMG_8471.JPG]. [attachment 8445 IMG_8472.JPG] [attachment 8446 IMG_8473.JPG] [attachment 8447 IMG_8474.JPG] [attachment 8448 IMG_8475.JPG] Thanks for Reading. Please share with folks. Gary...

Check out the detail ... (4 replies)

It passes thru the list of topics, and then the knives are gone. But I want you to see again, the detail I put in. [attachment 8442 IMG_8411.JPG] [attachment 8443 IMG_8413.JPG] When I say Im going off to darken the background ...I first have to finish sand and protect everything else. That always takes more time then you think. Then ... I have to protect the carvings. Tape them up. That takes time. Then clean them. Do a final pass before contrast. And that takes too much time. You al...

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