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Weekend (no replies)

Good to see Gary making headway with the power hammer with assistance from Kurt & Jake. Trying to make my life easier, less yard maintenance, by removing old shrubbery. Got a decent price from a yard service place. I wanted to verify my yard boundary and could you believe a surveyor company want $545 to find the four metal posts that mark my lot! I told coworkers I should find someone with a metal detector and pay them. One coworker said the local rental business has them for rent. I rese...

HAMMER TIME!!! (4 replies)

Pictures of the Build! What a job. THANK YOU Kurt and Jake. I sincerely appreciate your friendship. Enjoy the progress pics. Some final adjusts, wiring, clutch rigging. It will be HAMMER TIME!!!...

It Begins!!! .... [Now PHASE ONE complete!] (7 replies)

My experts arrive momentarily. [attachment 8262 IMG_7360.JPG] [attachment 8263 IMG_7361.JPG] Weve been prepping the shops and parts all week. Give a thought to us. Assembling this Hammer is important to us. Thks, Gary...

Maintence - why I get the big bucks .... (4 replies)

[attachment 8254 IMG_7333.JPG] Must replace wirn out bearings and busted journals on power hammer. These are the Replacements. These journals are nearly 11 long. 1 7/16 shaft. I bought these as salvage probably 35 years ago. Good thing I had them. Price those out. Phewweee.... The ones on the Power Hammer now are damaged. The hammer had a run away once due to me foolishly applying some belt dressing to the flat belts. The run away damaged the top bearings. But these are much heavier un...

Life Imitates Art! (4 replies)

Many years ago, as part of Barnes, we had a Gallery. I filled it with Folk Art paintings, wooden toys, Wind Driven Whirygigs, Jewelry, Stained Glass, Carved Glass, knives, furniture, Ironwork, .... you know .... stuff. [attachment 8253 IMG_7327.JPG] I also made a few signs to grab public attention, for the gallery. (BTW- it was in a couple of blocks of restored 18th and 19th log, brick, and wood Row Homes in Frederick Maryland. It became a sort of Art community. We put a few up of the si...

Good Progress on lower Shop (dig it) (1 reply)

[attachment 8250 IMG_7305.JPG] Of course .... I had help ..... [attachment 8252 IMG_7303.JPG] As I talked to him for s few minutes, he got darker with more pronounced spots. Funny critter. [attachment 8252 IMG_7303.JPG] I have gathered like things from the multitude of trailers that came down. Cleaningvsnd organizing. Much of the stuff is very heavy. These chests of Dies probably weigh 125-150 pounds each. And they are full of Dies I hope to get good use from. What a lifetime o...

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