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308 Build - Thursday (no replies)

What a day! I needed to tap a 1 OD x 13/16 ID DOM pipe with 7/8-14 thread. I texted my retired friend who happened to have one. Drive down to his place. Tap was old and after 15 minutes of turning back & forth I barely had 1/2 of thread. He then walked back to his tool box and realized he had a new tap. What a difference this made. I cut 1.5 of thread in no time. The thread is for the spring tension adjustment. In return I helped my friend put on a swim platform on a boat he is selling. Fri...

From this Week's Project! (3 replies)

I hope you are all doing well. I have a couple of things on the go. Here is one from this weeks work pics! [attachment 8151 IMG_6743.JPG] Its a great 7 model 97. Im carving the Southwest Theme on the bolsters. [attachment 8152 IMG_6744.JPG] Note the very neat Bolster blend with the Mosaic. Hope you like it! Gary...

308 Build (5 replies)

I have been working on a 308 build that I started last year. Doing design and build as I go. Most of it I have worked out but still making changes as I go along. Last night I started on the trigger block. Came up with a nice concept to have a solid bottom with no slot showing thru. Starting milling this afternoon and suddenly realized I had started machining the wrong side. So will need to change the design or later make a new part. Either way the gun will still work. [attachment 8149 IMG_42...

Some Good News (5 replies)

A good bit of yesterday was used up with medical stuff. Getting the results on a whole battery of tests that were ordeeed. My Doctor suspected a possible few chronic conditions which may explain a number of long time symptoms Ive had. So they took a bucket of my blood and checked it out. As it turned out, unless they got the wrong chart, I came back clean as a whistle! So; other then the aches and pains, they ruled out about eight reasons for them. Ill live to ache another day! Thats ...

Great Cheap Tools (6 replies)

IF you know what you want to do with it, and IF you set it up correctly.... you can do amazingly precise work with cheap China tools. Ive known a number of weekend shop guys that wouldnt be seen near a Chinese Machine Tool. Lathes had to be German ... or Better!!!! I bought the first one of these little horizontal/vertical band saws probably 25 years ago for $200 at TSC Farm Stores. Bought the second one (two main shops) from Harbor Freight, about 5 years ago. When I stop talking, ...

Thanks Gary! (2 replies)

A couple of weekends ago another treat came in the mail: [attachment 8143 ResizeofIMG_20170729_173125.jpg] [attachment 8144 ResizeofIMG_20170730_181402.jpg] The knife on the right I found on eBay several years ago, when Gary wasnt making knives. We only look here for knives now! Gary cleaned it up quite well....